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Height: approx 150mm.

- Spin-out series [frame Arms Girl] latest in Kotobukiya original robot content [frame Arms] is [Ino Sentia]! Shimada Fumikane Mr. the mechanical design by Mr. Noriyuki Yanase design was three-dimensional on the basis of the illustrations were beautiful girl of! The function of the body further becomes a commodity that was upgraded.

[Product Details]
- Chest add molding to match the new design.
- Face parts is completely new shape. [Usually face facing front], [usually face left], comes with three kinds of [smile right].
- Face parts will finish close to the setting alone was assembled because painted a.
- Replacement type of bangs is [usually bangs] and [joint with bangs. Selection formula for back hair is [usually Short] or [side tails].
- Further [cat ear] [mechanical Nekomimi] [Mekakitsune ear] [mechanical Standing dog ear] can select a number of ears of [mechanical dripping dog ear] [mechanical accessories].
- Further strengthen the [skin arm] its position as a [body] of the frame Arms Girl comes with the bare skin legs.
- [Skin arm] [bare skin leg] will be another new shape to the arms and legs of the materia.
- The thigh of the ring of [bare skin legs] white, comes with two types of skin color.
- Black molded color materialized arms, and also comes with the legs.
- Shoulder joint of the body realize the movable range of enough to cross his arms in the new structure.
- Neck those of normal length and doll clothes paired long neck of the two types of accessories.
- Foot also normal barefoot and doll shoes correspondence of two types included barefoot.
- Neck ruffle with armor, two types supplied without armor.
- Back, the two types of accessories of the same one hole mount with a new three-hole mount and materialized.
- Armor of lower back also comes with two types of no same hole with a new one hole mount and materialized.
- Swing the moving of the hip joint, by a combination of slide movable hip joint, it realized a wide range of mobile enough that can be physical education sit.
- Wrist can be expressive poses by adopting the axis moveable sphere joint.
- Five flesh-colored wrist made of PVC is left and right, respectively, black five included. (The shape of the wrist is the same thing)
Wrist, including the joint, you can wrist and recombination of existing frame Arms Girl series.
- It comes with a decal such as a pupil.
- Arm, adding a 3mm hole in it to replace the joint parts for the thigh armor, can be existing MSG series, the combination of armed frame Arms series.


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