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[Product Details]
- Change the molding color to off-white color familiar in Frame Arms.
- Added shoulder drawer joint equivalent to [Frame Arms · Girl Innocentier].
- Knee joint parts that can connect shin of frame arm's [architect] with new mold are included.
- Three kinds of facial parts are included: [Front Orientation], [Illustrated Right Orientation], [Buried Face Left Orientation].
- Since the facial parts are already painted, it will be finished closer to the setting even just by assembling it.
- Elbow joint parts that can connect forearm of Frame Arms [Architect] are included.

- Connecting parts for 3 mm shaft dedicated are attached to the forearm part. In addition, an attachment that can add a shaft of 3 mm diameter to the knee is attached to the left and right parts.
- Five kinds of PVC wrists are included on the left and right, respectively. The wrist can be recombined with the wrist of the existing Frame Arms / Girl series including joints.
- Left arm and left leg attached to image illustration can be reproduced. (Elbow and knee joints will not move.)
- Decals such as eyes are attached.
- The skirt is movable and the movable range of the leg is expanded.
- The attached base can move the connection up and down.
- Combined use of arms of existing MSG series and Frame Arms series is possible by 3 mm diameter hole arranged in back, waist, calves and so on.
- The heel can move, it is possible to improve grounding. 


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