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- Queue Posh] and, of deformed characters who of only cows 2.3, very cute new action figure series of pocket-sized.
- Rich mobile [neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, hip, knee, ankle] in a small body.
- By the soles of the magnet take a lot of pause and a breeze is on top of the only base, you can reproduce the various facial expressions and impressive scenes of the characters in the enhancement of accessories.

- Outfitting also deformation of in accordance with the character of the back.
- Twin cannon and anchor has is also possible to have on hand to separate!

- In handy play queue Posh, let's Chaimasu Donpachishi with [thunder]!

- accessories
· Back outfitting
· Twin gun
- Anchor
And facial expression part three (healthy face, smiled 顏, Musu' 顏)
- Replacement for the wrist set (open hand, grip hand, possession)
Dedicated base (foot magnet corresponding)
- Moveable strut set (strut, strut arm, extension parts (fine and thickness))
· For housing chuck bag

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