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- Frame arms girl with Japanese mind, appearing in cue Posh!

- Pleasantly pleasant pocket Nice cute Fuyuuu [cue Posh].
- The 49th series of series is more stubborn, serious and seriously fierce FA girl [Rapid thundering] appears than [Frame Arms · Girl] which TV anime finished with popularity being very popular.
- [QUE POSH] is a pocket size movable figure series.
- 2.3 The deformed characters of the head can be positively pleased freely with abundant movement despite the small body.
- With the sole magnet, various poses can be taken easily on the exclusive base, and various facial expressions of the character and impressive scenes can be reproduced.
- Armored Weapon series of MSG and Frame Arms series which can boast of enormous kinds can be worn by 3 kinds of hands corresponding also to 3 mm diameter hard point and shuriken laid out in armored parts.
- Please look forward to the cushing Push [Frame Arms / Girl] series that continues to spread.

- Accessories: Armor set, Bitterless × 2, Shuriken 2 types × 2, boomerang size, 2 expression parts (squatting face, smiling smile), a set of replacement wrist (flat hand, hand grip, 3 types of possession) Dedicated base (corresponding to sole magnet), a set of movable columns (struts, support arms, extension parts (thin · thick)), storage chuck bags 


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