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BANDAI - Strike Freedom Gundam ( PG 1/60 ) Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny

RM 1,200.00
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- The ultimate `Strike Freedom Gundam` has been refined by Mr. Hajime Katoki! - In the Super Dragoon deployment state, which is the biggest feature of

PG's largest scale feeling
 , it will be the largest size in PG history.
●Dedicated base for displaying Strike Freedom Gundam is included
 By using a dedicated base with adjustable angle, it
 is possible to display in a dynamic action pose.
●The 3 major points to recreate the strongest "Strike Freedom Gundam"!! The
 internal skeleton exposed in high mat mode and full burst mode
 emits a golden glow with extra finish processing, and a gimmick that draws out its charm. powered by.

・"Super Dragoon Injection Deployment Gimmick" When
 you slide Super Dragoon, each mechanism links and Super Dragoon
 deploys to the injection position.
-[Completely new movable internal skeleton] The
 golden part is expanded by movable joints. The exterior that incorporates the slide mechanism and
 the internal skeleton that has evolved further from PG Strike Gundam
 effectively exposes the extra-finished golden parts.
・"Equipped with a new mechanism in the joint"
 A new mechanism is adopted in each part of the aircraft that is subject to weight, such as the waist and legs. By improving the joint holding power,
 you can enjoy posing as you wish.

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