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BANDAI - Strike Freedom Gundam ( MGEX 1/100 ) Mobile Suit Gundam Seed

RM 700.00
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- MG high-end brand that challenges MS's `extreme expression` based on the [theme] set for each aircraft by combining the technology and different materials accumulated by BANDAI SPIRITS.
- The second is [Strike Freedom Gundam].

-The theme this time is [Gundam's highest peak `metallic expression`. A total of 6 patterns of 3 types of special processing, 2 types of metallic molding, and etching seals express the metallic feeling of the inner frame.
-The internal frame is equipped with the most `frame interlocking movable gimmick` in MG history. Armor interlocking movable gimmicks that have been partially adopted in MG / RG are adopted in many parts. The organically interlocking of each part is truly a new experience.
-In order to emphasize the presence of the internal frame, we adopted a part structure and red clear parts that give space to the gaps in the armor. Many `attractive gimmicks` created to highlight the metal expression are also installed.
- Implement multiple movements in the hip joint. By stepping on the two steps of "drawer ⇒ movable", it is possible to naturally reproduce the flight pose with both legs overlapped.
-Comes with a variety of gimmicks such as the [Long Range Beam Rifle], [Xifias 3 Rail Cannon], [Super Lakerta Beam Saber], and more.
●Comes with a paper craft type runner stand that makes it easy to manage multiple runners during the assembly process.

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