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BANDAI - OZ-00MS Tallgeese I EW VER ( MG 1/100 ) New Mobile Report Gundam W Endless Waltz

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- Mobile suit Tallgeese I, which boasts the strongest destructive power of OZ, will be converted to MG in the EW version!
- OZ's strongest and famous MS Tallgeese is
 three-dimensionalized with a renewal design by Mr. Hajime Katoki as an EW version. As a three-dimensional version of the OZ series MS, we have newly designed an inner reproduction unique to MG.
 Furthermore, by holding the equipment in front, action performance that exceeds conventional MG is realized.
 Marking is also drawn by Mr. Katoki.

●POINT 01: Reproduction inside the inner In the
 armor, the Rio type inner, which is a feature of OZ MS, is reproduced.
 The internal structure is also precisely reproduced, such as the Rio-type camera inside the head and the attachment and detachment of the chest duct parts.
●POINT 02: Deployment of the back thruster
 The deployment of the back thruster is reproduced by interlocking movement.
●POINT 03: Lumbar thruster deployment The rear skirt  is equipped with an
 original thruster deployment gimmick based on a unique interpretation unique to plastic models . ●POINT 04: Directing a blowback gimmick by moving as the first attempt of Dover  Gunpla 

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