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BANDAI - OO RAISER ( RG 1/144 ) Mobile Suit Gundam OO

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- GW large item following Exia! Existence beyond Gundam "Double O Raiser" appears in RG!

-Based on the actual machine test, a new interpretation is incorporated to create a three-dimensional double O riser unique to real grades!

- 1: Deep digging aircraft characteristics from modern technology
Interpret "GN Drive", which is a characteristic of the aircraft, as a propulsion engine / energy transmission engine. The design incorporates the design of existing technology such as the propulsion engine of the exploration satellite and the high-voltage transmission pipe.
GN drive is attached with a click type arm. Free angle adjustment is possible. It is also possible to select the particle storage tank type that appeared in the movie version.

● 2: Proportion considering setting
Exia's high-end model Double O adopts the same advanced MS joint as Exia. While reproducing the design line of the successor machine with a common joint, it reproduces the characteristic form expressed more massively.

●3: Accurately reproduced O-Riser
O-Riser is equipped with a sliding mechanism on the wing, emphasizing a linear design that is conscious of a real stealth fighter. A new interpretation was added to the connection part and armament when combining with the main body with reference to the actual aircraft, and a delicate mold was added.

●4: Complete reproduction of various weapons
GN Sword II, GN Shield, GN Sword III, and GN Beam Saber are included. It can be mounted on the waist, shoulder, etc. via a joint. Equipped with each weapon, the swordplay action in the play can be reproduced.
Not only each rifle mode, but also the GN twin lance form can be reproduced. It is also possible to connect two GN shields and equip them on both arms to form a blade.

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