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――The history of MS in the Universal Century told in the novel "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack Beltorchika Children". "Hi-νGundam" appears from the METAL BUILD brand, which is arranged by designers through the hands of creators!

-Hi-ν Gundam designed by Yutaka Izubuchi, published in the novel [Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack Beltorchika Children] (published in 1988). Commercialized with the addition of the arranged design of the METAL BUILD series.

- [Hi-ν Gundam] that has both ends of strength and flexibility. The distinctive coloring and design form, and the firm strength of the MS design by Yutaka Izubuchi are expressed in a precise design arrangement.
●"Hi-νGundam" was designed by mechanical designer Yutaka Izubuchi as the frontispiece of the novel. The rifle has a sling belt and the shield has ink spot camouflage. I pay homage to that image.
- Rifle sling belt is reproduced with soft material. It is usually used in terms of functionality to be worn on the shoulder or to be held as an auxiliary, but in this product, by making it flexible, it plays a role as a deciding factor when decorating poses.
-Equipped with a funnel on the back, which is also a feature of this MS. Gradation colors are used, and by rotating the base of the backpack, it can be spread out like a feather.
-The funnel on the back can be removed. When everything is removed, the thruster, which seems to assist the discharge of energy, is exposed by rotating the base of the backpack. A certain originality arrangement is given.
-The shoulder armor, chest, and front armor are equipped with an open gimmick that exposes the internal mechanism. A precise mechanical mold is expressed that makes you imagine the internal structure.
-By arranging the mechanism that opens the armor, the posing is expanded, and the image of strength is further strengthened and the range of production is expanded.
- In addition to the left forearm, the saber is also equipped at the base of the backpack. Combined with the saber storage mechanism, the wide range of motion of the arm makes it possible to create the moment when the saber is drawn.
- There is also a gun equipped at the tip of the shield, assuming a gunfight, and the muzzle can be extended with a slide mechanism.
-The arrangement unique to METAL BUILD over the whole body is detailed, not only for armaments, but also for equipment such as propellant tanks.
-Among the MS of the Universal Century, it is quite large, but it comes with a pedestal that makes use of the characteristics of the aircraft, a joint arm dedicated to the funnel that reproduces the flight scene of the funnel that is reminiscent of the battle scene, and a pedestal.

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