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BANDAI - Metal Build Gundam Devise Exia

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――[Mobile Suit Gundam 00] × METAL BUILD's new project [Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Revealed Chronicle], [Gundam Devise Exia] has been turned into a three-dimensional figure!

●Equipped with new equipment designed by Mr. Kanetake Ebikawa, the mechanical designer of the "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" series, Proto GN Luster Sword, and GN Device Backpack. The GN Device Backpack can be equipped with various parts, including separately sold weapons, allowing you to enjoy recreating various forms.

-The enhanced form using double drive technology, which was developed during the 1st season of the main TV anime, is now revealed.
- With new weapons, build an unprecedented silhouette.
-Equipped with a newly installed proto GN raster sword ahead of the 4th generation aircraft.
-The GN Device Backpack will be compatible with GN Drive compatible aircraft such as METAL BUILD Exia aircraft.
- The arm of the GN Device backpack can suspend various weapons of Exia.
- Produce a new form of Exia.
●The blade of Proto GN Luster Sword is reproduced with clear parts and pearl paint.
-Various poses are determined by the arm of the GN Device backpack.
-Various parts of the separately sold [METAL BUILD Gundam Astraea High Mobility Test Equipment] can be attached.
● Various parts of the separately sold "METAL BUILD Gundam Astraea + Proto GN High Mega Launcher" can be installed.
-Various armed parts are included. By installing the GN Drive, it is possible to reproduce the normal state of Gundam Exia.

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