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BANDAI : Gundam Double X (MG) 1/100

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-Start double X with master grade!

-Designed with specifications that enhance the persuasiveness as a successor by sharing the parts configuration of the internal frame and reflector unit of MG Gundam X.
-Reproduce the deployment of the reflector when using the twin satellite cannon. Inside the reflector, a mirror sheet similar to that of MG Gundam X is used to express the state of light collection.
- Cannon slides and expands. Reliable retention is achieved by locking to the frame of the shoulder camera. The cannon rotates left and right at the base of the barrel, allowing angle adjustment during firing.
-Reproduce the radiator deployment of the forearm and calf. When the outer cover is opened, the inner blades open and close together.

- Accessories: Twin Satellite Cannon x 2, Buster Rifle, Hyper Beam Sword x 2, Defense Plate

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