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BANDAI - GUNDAM BARBATOS ( MGSD ) Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans

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-Gundam Barbatos is now available from ``MGSD'', a new dimension SD high-end brand that integrates MG technology into the SD Gundam body!

- Total height approximately 115mm. The Gundam Frame, a characteristic of Gundam Barbatos, is realized in SD scale.
-The head and neck can move on 4 axes, allowing you to pull your chin, look upwards, etc.
-By providing a movable axis inside the torso, a wide range of movement such as left and right swing and forward and backward tilts is achieved. The left and right cylinders on the flanks can expand and contract in conjunction with the movement of the chest.
- A swing mechanism is used at the shoulder connection to enhance the range of motion of the arm. The cylinder of the elbow follows the movement of the arm and moves in conjunction with it.
- Equipped with an MGSD original gimmick that expands the central armor when you pull out the lower part of the shoulder armor.
-The knee armor can be moved in conjunction with the movement of bending the legs. The armor behind the knees can be moved independently and does not interfere with the movement of the legs.
-Twin Eye is expressed with a double structure made of detailed internal parts and clear parts.
- The chest, knees, and shoulders are an original arrangement of MGSD, with clear parts processed with precision shapes that efficiently reflect light, and a sparkling technology has been introduced.
●For gloss injection, we use "Real Metallic Gloss Injection", a material with improved metallic luster. It enhances the metallic feel of the details.
- A long sword, 300mm smoothbore cannon, and mace can be mounted on the backpack. The 300mm smoothbore gun can be transformed into a stowed state by pulling out the gun barrel and rotating it 180 degrees.
-The mace is equipped with an MGSD original gimmick in which the tip extends by pushing the handle and the four blades expand in conjunction.

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