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BANDAI - GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam ( MG 1/100 ) Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

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- MG SEED restart 2nd `Jet black special warfare specification` Blitz Gundam.
● The 2nd MG restart from "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED", which celebrated its 10th anniversary, is Nicole's
 Blitz Gundam. By adopting a newly developed X-frame, bold pose actions and
 outstanding installation are realized. In addition, the offensive and defensive integrated weapons Gleipnir and Triceros
 are reproduced with rich gimmicks.
- Draw a new draft for MG development! Reproduce the details behind the armor!
- Triceros of the right arm. Equipped with beam saber, beam rifle, and lancer dart.
- Compatible with action base 1 (sold separately). With the newly developed X frame, powerful poses
 can be reproduced.
-As an MG original gimmick, it
 is equipped with a shoulder deployment that makes you think of a `Mirage colloid generator` for stealth.
-Gleipnir equipped on the left hand. In addition to the movement of the claw part, the wire is used to reproduce the shot, and
 the weapon mounting part after the shot is an MG original.  - GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam (TV version setting) ... One of the
five Gundams developed at Heliopolis .
Aircraft that uses the X-200 series frame. It has perfect stealth performance and
 is specialized for surprise operations.

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