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BANDAI - Chogokin Thousand Sunny

RM 2,200.00
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-The dream ship on which the pirate [Straw Hat Pirate] rides, [Thousand Sunny] is finally available in Chogokin!

-Introduced on the super big scale as a super alloy series. Equipped with various gimmicks such as [Soldier dock system] and [Gaon gun].
-In addition to the 5 mini mechas, it also comes with a specification that allows you to see each room by removing the side parts, and it is a definitive specification as [Thousand Sunny].

-Super big scale!
A super big scale with a total length of about 350 mm, a total height of about 380 mm, and a total width of about 230 mm!

-5 mini mechas included
5 types of [Shiromokuba No. 1], [Mini Merry No. 2], [Shark Submerge No. 3], [Kurosai FR-U4], [Brakiotank No. 5] are included, which are scaled with Sunny.

-Precisely reproduce the inside of the ship
When you remove the side parts of the Sunny, you can see each room! Reproduce the settings, including the [Observatory] at the top of the mast!

-Built-in Soldier dock system
When the [lever] of another part is inserted into the hull and moved, the [Soldier Dock System] rotates and another channel appears. The shutter opens and closes, and it is possible to pull out the installed mini mechanism.

-Gaon gun deployment gimmick
When you move the bone parts, the Gaon gun expands. The mane [chicken voyage] can also be rotated.

-Dedicated pedestal included
Includes a pedestal that can be displayed along with 5 types of Mini Mecha. There are two types of displays, normal and tilted.

- set content
・ Main body
・ Shiromokuba No. 1 ・ Mini Merry No. 2 ・ Shark Submerge No. 3 ・ Kurosai FR-U 4 No. ・ Brachio Tank No. 5
・ Complete pedestal set
・ 2 dummy covers
・ Soldier dock rotation lever

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