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BANDAI - Char`s Zaku (RG)

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- Brand new second pla 30th Anniversary RG 1 / 144 Zaku, go!
- Zaku appearance with the real system. RG evolution of quality is more intact here now!
- Advanced MS adopted the joint. (Advanced MS completely new type of joint)
- To maximize the frame structure, allows a variety of poses.
- Axial movement of the movable skirt waist and groin, an impressive reproduction Shaazakukikkupozu.
- Moving from the collarbone to the shoulder structure, optimization of axial position and moving it does not interfere with armored division.
- The hip, thigh, shin, and ankle bend up to the class what MG Ver.2.0 1 / 144 the size pursue.
- Part of the distinctive pipes pipe ... Zac is [the 組Miyasu] and [finish] both.
Better finish [Tatchigeto] adopted.
- Expansion of lumbar range of movement ... the lumbar region boasts the largest among the Zaku mobile full series of pla.
- Riarisutikkudekaru real texture stage
- Realistic sense of feeling and precision mechanics in the details and put it on one point.
Riarisutikkudekaru - the texture of the metal can be reproduced.
- By attaching the decals to the metallic joints, reproduce realistic texture.
- 1 / 144 scale unparalleled color reproduction.
Bring out the charm of the exterior [of multicolored armor] is applied.

- Accessories: Zaku machine gun, Zaku bazooka, Hitohoku

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