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1/12 Little Armory (LS02) MP5 (F Type) Rin Shirane Mission Pack

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――Learning with uniform girls and models

-The 5th anniversary project of the series!
-Develop goods that include kits, work mats, and comic booklets!
-In this work, please enjoy the high performance submachine gun [MP5] and the designated defense school student [Rin Shirane] thoroughly with comics and models.

[MP5A5 (F specification)]
-MP5F prepared for the French National Military Corps.
-It is a current model equipped with a flash hider on a large slide stock and bolt group for high power bullets.
-The MP5, which is called a [high-performance machine gun] by Japanese police agencies, is said to conform to this F type.
-Made of PS: Black resin
-Size: about 5cm

[Rubber gun mat]
-An illustration of Shirane Mochi by Fuyu no Haruaki designed on a PVC mat.
-A pallet with fine parts is set, which is ideal for assembling little armory.
-The mats can be connected by combining the unevenness set in the periphery.
-Made of PVC rubber
-Size: about 19 × 14cm

[Official Doujinshi School Arms Report 2]
-Contains newly drawn comics and commentary pages featuring MP5 and Akane Shirane.
-Mr. Dedo is in charge of comics!
-Color cover
-Page 20
-A5 version booklet

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