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1/12 Little Armory (LD022) Guns Accessory A2 (Military Carbine MOD) (Plastic model)

RM 65.00
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-This is a new color of the Guns accessory that sets the scope and lights of the M4 carbine used via the attachment standard for firearms [Picatinny Rail].
-Compared to the previous work black, this work is a color variation model that uses the low visibility color [flat dark earth] popular with modern guns for molding color.
-By combining with the previous black model, the range of custom is further expanded.
-Box art is an illustration of Mr.

[set content]
-Holographic site x 2
-Magnification booster x 2 types
・ Short scope × 2
・ Micro dot site x 2
・ Backup site × 2 types of overthrow
-Weapon light x 2
・ Laser module × 1
・ 45 ° offset mount × 2 pieces
· Fore grip × 3
・ Bipod × 2 kinds of opening and closing
-20 series magazine x 2 for M4
・ 100 series magazine x 2 for M4
・ Rails for customization 10 cm × 2

-1/12 Scale Runner Kit (Achromatic)
-Molding color: dark earth color resin
-Made of resin (PS)

※ We recommend the use of adhesive for plastic model
※ Processing is required to install customized rails.
※ The gun body and figures are not included with the product.
※ The image is a [combination example].

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