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1/12 Little Armory (LD016) Browning M2HB (Plastic model)

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- At the end of the First World War it is a heavy machine gun designed by Mr. John Browning and adopted in 1933 by the US Army.
- Despite the fact that nearly a century has passed since the birth of the prototype, it still continues to be active in the front line.
- A huge 12.7 x 99 mm bullet can be fired at around 500 shots per minute, and its effective range is 1830 m. The body weight is 38 kg.
- It is a scale firearm which is not comparable with the carrying weapon.
- This kit reproduces the ground fighting pattern for infantry equipped with the M3 tripod which was requested high.
- Ammunition box and zip are attached. The feed cover is openable and closable.
- In addition, a car gun mount M23 gun mount with ammo box tray is also included so you can install this heavy machine gun in various places.
- Bicycle boss and boss receiver of 3 mm diameter are adopted as connecting part of M23 gun mount for car.
- A heavy machine gun can be installed in various places by opening a round hole of 3 mm in diameter or by setting a round bar in an arbitrary place.

[set content]
· Browning M2HB body
· M3 tripod
· M23 car-mounted gun
· 12.7 mm bullet belt link × 2
· 12.7 mm ammunition box × 1

- 1/12 scale runner kit (achromatic)
· Resin made (PS)
* Use of adhesive for plastic model is recommended
- Product size (including tripod): Approx L16 x W 9 x H 4 cm
- Box art is an illustration by Mr. daito!
※ Products and figures are not included.
※ The picture is [combination example].

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