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1/12 Little Armory (LD011) Designated Defense School`s Desk Grease Gun Set (Plastic model)

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- 1/12 scale assembly kit `Little Armory` that combines realistic and movable figure combination.
- It is a [desk of designated defense school] as a scene item that enjoys the daily lives of defense designated schools!

- It can be assembled by choosing either desk x 3 or desk x 2, tutor x 1.

- Desks used at defensive designated schools are devised to leave the firearms used for class even in the class.
- Ideal for reproducing classrooms also appearing in the novel version [Little Armory, so the girl raises the shock iron]. Gun Maintenance Kit and M3A1 Grease Gun are also included.

[About M3 grease gun]
- M3 is a 45 gauge short machine gun that was manufactured in 1943 during World War II.
- Designed to maximize productivity for mass supply during the war, it was called by the soldiers nicknamed [Grease Gun] because its shape was similar to a grease injector.
- In the SDF it is also a historic firearm that had been used by the US military for many years as equipment for tank troops.
- Modeled M3A1 which further increased productivity with the included kit.
- The dust cover is a selective opening and closing type.

[Molding color]
- Top board: Brown gun :: Black
- Legs - Maintenance kit etc: Gray

[LD011 set contents]
· Desk top plate × 3
· Seat surface × 3
· Backrest × 3
· Desk storage (front of the desk) × 3
· Left and right hand 3 each
· Horizontal bar × 3
· Luggage × 6
· Teacher side × 3
· Teaching side lower part × 3
· Gun placement × 3
· Various types of gun suspension 6
· Storage x 3
· Grease gun set × 2
· One set of maintenance tools × 2
· Background mount × 2
· Seal × 1


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