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1/12 scale assembly kit [Little Armory] which realized a combination of realism and a movable figure.
- As the first installed gun of the series, the masterpiece of heavy machine gun [Browning M2] is three-dimensionalized with anti-aircraft gun.
- It is a volume that you can enjoy as a pure scale model.

- Engine opening reproduction. Ammunition boxes and ammunition can be removed from the main body
- It accommodates the trigger handle, it can be changed for anti-aircraft shooting to ground shooting.
- Machine gun body can move horizontally and vertically as it is real.
- Box art draws Mr. daito !!

[M2 heavy machine gun (anti-aircraft)]
- M2 machine gun designed by John Browning at the end of the First World War. It is a heavy machine gun active in the front line even after nearly a century has passed.
- A huge 12.7 x 99 mm bullet can be fired at around 500 shots per minute, and its effective range is 1830 m. The body weight is 38 kg.
- It is a heavyweight firearm which is not comparable with the carrying weapons.
- This kit consists of a high-waist anti-aircraft gun with good compatibility between the M2HB main body and the movable figure.
- Two sets of belt links with ammunition box and 12.7 mm bullet are included.
- Feed cover is openable and closable.
- The trigger handle can be changed to a position for horizontal shooting by replacing.

- Product Size (Including Gun): Approximately L14 x W 8 x H 10 cm

- Body: OD · Black
- Zone: Gold (made from soft resin)

- set content
· Browning M2HB body
· M63 anti-aircraft mount · anti-aircraft sight
· 12.7 mm bullet belt link × 2
· 12.7 mm ammunition box x 2


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