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1/12 Little Armory (LD001) Military Hard Case A (Plastic model)

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- It was both a combination of realism and the movable figures 1/12 scale assembly kit [Little Armory].
- As the first series of accessory items, we will model a set of case and ammunition boxes for storing the rifle.

[Two rifle case ×]
- A rifle case made of resin hard type it was image.
- [LA001] and that's the case of the M4A1 type, there is the magnitude of the extent to which the main body 1 Ting + accessories can be set storage.
- Lid can be opened and closed.
- Urethane cushion (user-cut) comes.

[Three ammunition boxes ×]
- The US military is made of metal that has been used for many years of the ammunition box I was image.
- [LA006] 7.62mm belt link bullets that comes with the M240G type I can be stored.
- Opening and closing of the lid is also available.
- Mark water transfer decals included.

The set include:
Rifle case two ×
Rifle urethane × 2 pieces for case
And ammunition box three ×
And ammunition box water transfer decal


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