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1/12 Little Armory (LA057) FA-MAS F1 Type

RM 65.00
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-FA-MAS of French bullpup assault rifle.
-Its name is an acronym with the meaning [Fusil d` Assaut de la Manufacture d` Armes de Saint-Etienne.
-A rifle that is also called Clarion (Signal Wrapper) due to its unique shape.
-Model F1 is the most standard model used by all French forces.
-Equipped with a cocking lever inside a large carrying handle that also serves as an sight, and a folding bipod.
-The magazine can hold 25 5.56mm bullets equivalent to M193.
-The kit includes a bayonet that can be installed, a movable bipod, and an ejection port cover that allows you to select the mounting direction according to the dominant hand of the shooter.
* G2 type equipped with large trigger guard is also on sale!

-Total length: approx. 6.5cm ・ Black resin
* Use of plastic model adhesive is recommended
* Figures are not included with the product.

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