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1/12 Little Armory (LA045) MP5K Koffer Type (Plastic model)

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German high performance sub machine gun, MP5 series, the smallest model MP5K (Kurzu).

- The model that tailored this concealed firearm with the small size and highly reliable MP5K in the exclusive attache case is [MP5K Coffee].
- It was developed as a special firearm that secures high control pressure even for mission such as guardian who can not carry firearm with bare hands.
- Trigger is installed on the handle of the case, it is possible to shoot while holding it in the case.
- The aim is to be determined by using a trap ball.
- In this kit, the case is openable and closable.
- It is also possible to finish with MP5K alone.
- 30 magazines loaded magazine is included.

- Case that can be opened and closed with main unit and spare magazine housed
- Can be used with MP5K alone

- Total length: about 3.5 cm
- Body color: Black


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