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1/12 Little Armory (LA038) FA-MAS G2 Type (Plastic model)

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- Bullpap type assault rifle FA - MAS (Famous) that was born in the creation period.
- Since the F1 model of the standard model was adopted in 1977, it has reigned as the main rifle of the French army until now.
- The kit is made this time, G2 type which is an improved model of F1 type.
- It features a large grip guard that is easy to access to trigger even when using a glove, features NATO standard 5.56 mm bullet and magazine can be used, it has been used in the French navy unit since 1995 .

- This kit is a movable type with two legs movable, right and left selection formula similar to the real thing cover.
- Selectable short barrel for command model.
- Rifle grenade APAV 40 with muzzle insertion type is included as a bonus part.

- Body color: BK
- Size: about 6.5 cm in total length


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