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1/12 Little Armory (LA032) M249 Type (Plastic model)

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- it was both a combination of realism and the movable figures 1/12 scale assembly kit [Little Armory].
- new products, and products of the familiar light machine gun [M249 Type in movies and animation work.
- The item which is in the field be given to a movable figure at an appropriate size and volume!

- M249 is 1982 adopted by the US military of Belgian-made squad automatic weapon (SAWS = disk Ward automatic weapon).
- in the firearms that can fire the same 5.56mm bullets as the main rifle M16 and M4 rifle, magazine sharing is also possible, if necessary.
- conventional general-purpose machine gun lighter than 3kg than M60, the total length has also put together a short, ammunition assistant has become a can be operated in one soldiers unnecessary.
- firepower with the M249 is, M16 is said to be equivalent to rifle the hand 12 persons of equipment, became a very reliable presence for the infantry squad.

- In our kit, it was reproduced the most standard setup of the M249 with a long barrel and the heat shield, made of resin hand guard and stock.
- feed cover and bipod is open or closed.
- 5.56mm belt link bullets and comes with a plastic box magazine that houses 200 rounds.

- box art is drawn by spring and autumn's winter !!

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