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1/12 Little Armory (LA027) MG3 Type (Plastic model)

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- Modern version of the famous MG42 as a German-made machine gun during the Second World War is the MG3.
- Or a combination of the muzzle booster & short recoil barrel to ensure the speeding up of the firing speed and stable operation, the basic structure, such as a barrel exchange easy barrel jacket has become a 7.62 × 51mmNATO ammunition specifications as it is, such as the M60 and M240 bandolier of separation-type link to be used in is also available.
- Including the Bundeswehr, it has been adopted by 20 countries around the world.
- This kit, MG3 specific muzzle booster and simple-to-air rear sight case, reproduce the magazine.
- Second leg parts are open or closed.
- Soft resin belt made of the link was popular in the M240G is also included.

- Material: body: black resin, belt link: soft resin


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