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1/12 Little Armory (LA022) M134 Minigun Type (Plastic model)

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- While rotating the six barrel by an electric drive emits a bullet, Gatling gun was realized a firing rate of up to 100 seconds shots.
- A firearms from the history that has been developed as a small version of the 20mm Vulcan cannon mounted on the fighters and warships with a common name for [Minigun].
- And body weight close to 18kg, total weight, including ammunition and driving for the battery may exceed 100kg, while referred to as individual carrying is impossible, in the world of fiction such as a movie director as [flashy carry firearms] is a promise that is.

- Little Armory is, We cooperate with the Corporation MULE like to produce a life-size electric model, thoroughly reproduce the M134D.
- Battery and a rubber band to shoulder in the ammunition box, prepare the parts for figma installed.
- Feeder for feeding the bullet in the body is a soft material.

- Body: black
- Ammunition bag: OD color
- Feeder: silver (soft resin)
- Rubber band, cable included

- Size (gun body): total length about 8cm


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