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SENTINEL - Riobot Mazinger Z

RM 1,400.00
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-[Mazinger Z] appears in the RIOBOT series!
-Reproduce the action scene in the play with its own movable gimmick.
-Comes with [Dynamic Scruander] developed at the Photon Power Laboratory as an original toy armament.
-You can enjoy various modes by recombining iron swords and jet engines.
-Huge wings can be put into [Shield Mode] when stowed, and transformed into the crazy weapon [Dynamic Breastfire] when deployed.
-Here is Mazinger Z, which no one has ever seen, such as armor that protects the hover piler on the head !!

・ Mazinger Z
・ Hover piler
・ Dynamic Scruander
・ Iron cutter
・ Iron Sword
・ Hand parts (fists, swords, holding hands x 2 each)
・ Dedicated pedestal

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