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KOTOBUKIYA - Mari Illustrious Makinami -Plug Suit Ver.-

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-1/6 scale figure of Makinami, Mari and Illustrian re-appears a package again.

-With a meaningful smile, with a meaningful smile, which is reminiscent of her in the play, put your hand on the hip and pose in motion with a twisting body.
-The plug suit is impressive with a mold on the flank that gives the image of bright pink and ribs.
-In addition, since it is possible to reproduce without glasses with bangs replacement parts, you can display in your favorite Mari.
-The base is based on the second model in Beast mode.
-Sculpting is [Baku Hajime]. Please enjoy the delicate and lovely molding of white bream wound.
-By all means, it is a product that you would like to have you display along with [Rei Ayanami-Plugsuit ver.-: RE] and [Shikinami Asuka Langley-Plugsuit ver.-: RE].

-Sculptor: Hakuto Hajime


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