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Height: approx 150mm.

- Kotobukiya original robot contents [Frame Arms] spinout series [Frame Arms · Girl] The latest work is [Letizia]!

- Yasuyuki Yanase Mr. Yasase made a three-dimensional design based on the illustrations by Mr. Fumikane Shimada becoming a beautiful girl!
- [Inocentia] will be products that were further upgraded.

[Product Details]
- In addition to the same normal size as the already released [Frame Arms · Girl Innocentier], the chest adds large sized ones with new shaping.
- Two types of facial parts are completely newly shaped. [Front-facing eight-teeth smiley face], [Left face tongue face face], [Right facing smile face] are attached.
- Painted facial parts are attached.
- Bangs are selection formulas for new shaping [Left foreclosure] and [Breasts with left joint]. The same [bangs] as Innocentier comes with.
- Back hair is the same as [Innocentier] [new hair style] [single knotted hair] [single sinillon hair] and [the hair of the short hair] are attached.
- [Side Cinion Hair] [Side Twin Tail Hair] corresponds only to the same [bangs] as Innocentia. It does not correspond to [bundle left bangs] and [bowhead with left joint].
- You can also select many ears of [Cat ears] [Mechanical cat ears] [Mechinous fox ears] [Mechanical standing dog ears] [Mechanical drooping dog ears] [Mechanical accessories]
- In addition to the existing five types of wrists, numerous wrist parts of six new [shaped heart] [thumbs up hand] [piece hand] [pointing hand] [gunder supporting hand] [salute hand] are attached.
- The neck frill comes with three types of newly shaped [cuff with ribbon] and [armored] [no armor].
- [Bare skin arm / leg] and [Materia arm part / leg part] are attached.
- Neck comes with two types, one with normal length and one with long neck for doll clothes.
- Also comes with two types of bare feet that correspond to normal bare feet and doll shoes.
- Decals such as eyes are attached.
- It is possible to use arms of existing MSG series, frame arm series in 3 mm hole of each part.


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