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- Clear parts, which is the biggest feature of Fresvark, is reproduced by polarizing plating.
- For flesh tone, two compliant ones in the play and the same flesh color as Freszwerk = Airtel are included.
- A large weapon that is a feature [Berylus Masher] comes with it. Also added arm rack parts to support large weapons.
- It is possible to deform to three forms of normal state, side winder form, air bike form.
- Four types of facial parts are included. (Screaming face facing front, faced face rightward, sad face facing forward, face without tampon printing)
- Three expression parts are already painted, so even if you just assembled it will be finished close to the setting.
- Decal including eyes and facial expressions are attached along with characteristic line patterns.
- Pull-out type shoulder joint and movable axis of upper arm realize wide range of motion.
- Combined use of the sliding movement of the hip joint realizes a wide range of movement.
- By adopting axially movable spherical joints on the wrist, expressive posing is possible.
- Five kinds of PVC wrists are attached to the left and right, respectively. The wrist can be recombined with the wrist of the existing Frame Arms / Girl series including joints.
- [Flying base R] is included.
- Two grips corresponding to 3 mm diameter are included.
- Partial replacement allows you to reproduce body conditions.
- Combined use of arms of existing MSG series and Frame Arms series is possible by 3 mm diameter hole arranged on arm and foot.
- The tail part behind the waist can also be used as a cannon by holding it in your hand.
- The blade parts attached to the left and right sides of the tail part can be used as a weapon on hand that is removed.


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