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Product Details]
- Completely new modeled frame arm and girl.
- Added design to the arms of the large hand while reproducing the secondary arm which is the feature of the frame arm [Greifen]. By becoming a powered suit type, I finished it more attractive aircraft.
- Mr. Takeshi Kinoshita Adds deformable gimmick as well as variable frame arm of mechanical design [Freszwerck]. It transforms into a biped ride vehicle.
- The fingers move for large hands.
- The ride vehicle can board other frame arm's girls as well.
- Clear helmet with the same design as frame arm [Greifen] is included. We reproduce without breaking the line of the head with dedicated front bang parts.
- You can use hand knife, rocket launcher, machine gun as weapon even in prime state.
- Three kinds of facial parts are included: [Normal Face Front Orientation], [Normal Face Right Orientation], [Smiling Face Left Orientation].
- Since the facial parts are already painted, it will be finished closer to the setting even just by assembling it.
- Beret cap is detachable.
- The joint structure of the prime field follows Fresvark.
- Chest is a selection formula of a frame arm and a neck tie with a frame arm [Greifen] design.
- Combined use of the sliding movement of the hip joint realizes a wide range of movement.
- By adopting axially movable spherical joints on the wrist, expressive posing is possible.
- Four special wrists come with each. (Goo, Hirate, Par, four types of weapon possession)
- The wrist can be recombined with the wrist of the existing Frame Arms / Girl series including joints.
- Decals such as eyes are attached.
- Can be used with arms of existing MSG series, frame arm series in combination. 


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