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KOTOBUKIYA : CO-POCHE Fate/Extra Last Encore Saber

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[Answer, are you the remaining master? ]

- Saber summoned as the hero's servant appeared from popular animation [Fate / EXTRA Last Encore] in the cute Puffy Puffin 's cute Puffy [Cup Push] series.

- [QUE POSH] is a cute pocket-sized mobile figure series of 2.3 head deformed characters. Moveable abundantly on small bodies. With the sole magnet, you can easily pose various poses on the exclusive base, you can reproduce various facial expressions and impressive scenes of the character.

- Crimson dress sticking to the hem is reproduced with precise modeling.
- Since it comes with a sword Aestus Estús, you can reproduce various poses and impressive scenes.
- Please enjoy it together with two kinds of expressive parts.

- Accessories: Aestus Estus, two expression parts (normal face, screaming face), a set of replacement wrist (flat hand, hand grip, possession), exclusive base (corresponding to sole magnet), a set of movable struts (struts, for struts Arm, extension part (thin · thick)), storage chuck bag

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