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-[Beautiful girl x mechanic] New series [Mega device] latest work! The latest work is [Kurabi Asura] !!

[`Proposal to wear MSG`]
-[Shura Ninja] is a set that allows you to experience multiple customs by combining MSG with new shaped parts.
-This is a prefabricated plastic model series that can be enjoyed with weapons and armor attached to the movable girl body.
-The body uses a newly designed body `Machinika` by Maki Asai!
-And the designer is Nidy-2D-!

[Accessories / Gimmic]
-New parts such as the face, 2 types of chests and various joints are reproduced with additional molds.
-Comes with a monthly hobby Japan production booklet.
-Reproduce new setting image with new molding color. The blade is a clear pink molding color.
-Comes with three newly designed face parts.
-[Armed Mode] wearing armor and [Elemental Mode] with armor removed can be reproduced by replacing parts.
-With the amazing range of movement of the new body `Machinika`, the weapon poses and sitting poses will become natural.
-Includes various weapon parts and joint parts. You can play in various combat scenes.
-It can be used with the existing [MSG] series, [Frame Arms] series, and [Frame Arms Girl] series armed with 3mm diameter holes arranged in each part.
-PVC wrist is included on each side. Armed with [MSG] series, [Frame Arms] series, [Frame Arms Girl] series.
-Includes decals such as eyes and markings.

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