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BANDAI - MS-06J Zaku II Ver.2.0 (MG)

RM 160.00
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- A realistic kit for the famed earthbound Zaku II, the Ver. 2.0 is the advanced heir to the older Master Grade line, and introduces a new standard for MG Zaku II!
- With a new frame for a new line, this redesigned kit boasts a new 06 Zaku II frame that will be seen in new Zaku kits.
- Inner frame designed to accommodate a wide variety of Zaku designs.
- Power pipe systems redesigned for easy building, and frame features improved twist joints, giving the kit much more action than the previous Zaku II MG.
- ‘Monoeye’ camera movement gimmick allows for eye position to be changed.
- Inner frame features a shell for the massive shoulder armor.
- Outer shoulder armor is recreated with detachable spikes.
- Redesigned ankle link boasts improved performance.
- New mobile dual action mechanism improves leg joint performance .
- Cockpit hatch can be from the left or right, and cockpit can be shifted from right to left thanks to a lever gimmick.

- Accessories: 120mm Machine Gun x1, Zaku Bazooka x1, Heat Hawk x1, 1/100 Pilot Figure x2, Action Base Joint x1

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