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1/12 Little Armory (LA039) P90 Type (Plastic model)

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- Developed in Belgium at the end of the Cold War [Project 90].
- The concept is [self-defense firearm with compact, lightweight, powerful, low recoil and easy to handle].
- Bulletproof vests penetrate, special soft ammunition adjusted to prevent penetration by soft-body like human body is adopted.
- We realized that concept by actively introducing a new axis, such as small and lightweight with bullpap type, shape design based on ergonomics, 50-capacity large capacity magazine to eliminate exchange of magazine.
- This gun, which created a new category called PDW (Personal Defense / Weapon), became indispensable for talking about the history of firearms.

- This kit reproduces the built-in dot site model.
- Suppressor selection formula.
- figma It is possible to hold by Asahido Miyo and figma tactical glove.

- Body color: BK · Smoke gray
- Size: Approximately 4 cm in total length

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